"Mark has designed a program specifically for my rodeo sport. My training is focused on how to strengthen and train the muscle groups used in bareback riding. In the first two months on the program I had already noticed a significant difference in my core strength. Because I don’t live close to the training facility, I can do my workouts at home according to how Mark has set it up for me and then I meet with him every two months to restructure my exercise routine."
-Ky Marshall
Bowden, Alberta

  "I have seen an incredible improvement in Matts strength and endurance as a result of Marks training. In addition, it has motivated Matt to strength and cardio training on his own. He has built this fitness component into his daily schedule and is feeling strong and energetic.I would highly recommend Mark as a trainer for teenage boys!"
-Liz Bean

On behalf of our son, Zach Sawchenko, I’m taking this opportunity to express our appreciation for Mark Barrett’s development through Strong Cowboy Strength and Conditioning. As any hockey parent can appreciate, a player’s off ice commitment becomes mandatory as he aims to transition out of ‘Minor Hockey’. Mark’s guidance and his unique approach of incorporating diverse outdoor resistance and explosive speed and power techniques had a measurable positive benefit to Zach, as he trained with Mark in the two summers prior to Zach leaving home. When the weather didn’t cooperate, Mark’s genuine interest in his pupils and his expertise was transferred indoors into the typical gym setting at the Strong Cowboy facilities. I think it can be safe to say that the variation in approach and venue was beneficial to both physical results and perhaps more importantly supported participant dedication. The overall environment was positive.
Thank YOU.
-Greg Sawchenko