bar bells We make it our priority to be as flexible as possible when it comes to prescribing conditioning programs to athletes. If you do not see something which would fit your needs, please contact Mark Barrett to discuss other options.

Strong Cowboy develops and helps you implement customized conditioning programs with personal instruction in either single session or training packages.

› 1-on-1 personal training with the most qualified staff in Calgary
› Personalized physiological evaluation to evaluate and monitor your progress
› Nutritional counseling and dietary analysis available
› Training sessions are $100.00/hr + tax, reduced rates for doubles training

bar bells › Seminars and Clinics
› Teams and Groups
› Individualized personal one on one

› Ski and Snow board
› Hockey
› Rodeo
› Yoga


› One on one session = $100/hr + tax
› Doubles (2 people) = $140/hr + tax, 3 people = $160/hr + tax
› 4 people + (up to maximum of 8 people) = $180/hr + tax