Hockey Training

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ice hockey training calgaryOver the past 5 years Mark has worked with young hockey players during the summer months to prepare them for their upcoming seasons and tryouts. We believe in keeping the groups small (maximum 6) so that we can keep a close eye on each athlete and pay attention to their individual needs. We periodize the strength program so that the right training stimulus is applied in the right order to allow the desired training outcomes. We identify the age/physiological age of each athlete and load them accordingly - stressing technique and teaching them the lifting skills they will need as they mature.

We believe our small groups and individual attention allows for the best possible improvement over the course of the training months. We complete physiological testing before and after the training program to evaluate the athletes progress and provide a full report on their results.

Over the last 5 years, we have shown a 97% success rate in our athletes improving their performance over all performance tests.