One on One Personal Training

Whether you are an athlete or not, Mark will help guide you to your exercise goals. Sessions will take place at 'The Gym' downtown Calgary.


We have a lot of experience training teams and or groups of people. We are mobile so we can come to your facility or train your group outside at a location convenient for you (weather permitting). We can use the equipment you may already have or we can provide the training tools necessary for each workout. We can handle groups of up to 8 people in the studio for group sessions.


If you have a group of athletes or interested people, we would be more than happy to fly/travel to work with you for a day or more. Information and practical instruction can include resistance training, flexibilty exercises, nutrition strategies, coordination and balance training, core work and others. Please contact us for more information.


› One on one session = $100/hr + tax
› Doubles (2 people) = $140/hr + tax, 3 people = $160/hr + tax
› 4 people + (up to maximum of 8 people) = $180/hr + tax